Christmas season is right at our door step and while it can be hard and mentally draining for some it is one of the most important seasons and beautiful times for others.

The season to be all jolly and happy and feel loved brings on many gifts, time spent together, love and warmth and also many material gifts.

But maybe this year we try and buy less, create less waste and enjoy the little things for they are the most important. If you ask the older generation their answer is always that the most important thing you can give someone is time. <3



All the gifts together under the Christmas tree do look beautiful and it does bring so much joy seeing our loved ones unwrap their gift, it really does.

So maybe this year we can think about our wrapping, because swe all know that the moment the presents are unwrapped, the wrapping paper ends up in the trash.

Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to color, printing, shiny additives and lamination. As a result, an average of 31 million square meters of paper ends up in the trash every year.




We can reduce this by wrapping our gifts in different pieces of fabric, old pieces of clothing that can be cut up, kitchen towels, tablecloths or other pieces of fabric that we can dye ourselves with natural dyes.

This is one way to take care of our planet and respond with awareness to the pressing issue of unnecessary waste.

According to studies, Americans spend about $7 billion on wrapping paper every year.

Cloth wrapping can be reused or the recipients can be encouraged to reuse them themselves for either kitchen towels or rewrapping gifts.



This type of wrapping is also very practical, as sharp shapes that could otherwise tear the paper do not destroy the goods so easily. So don’t delay and choose green for this year’s gift wrapping.

Together, step by step we can do something good for our beloved planet.

Merry Christmas, happy hollidays and warm hugs.

the kind folk