The meaning behind our Luna pattern is to remind us to take it slow.

In our fast-paced society, rest is something we tend to forget and take for granted the most.
We are not talking about resting with our phones or other media, which bring only the constant buzzing of the mind.
Instead, we are thinking about real rest, the kind Mother Nature intended.
A good night's sleep will truly nurture our mental and physical health.

So let´s find stillness after the darkness falls and rest our body and soul when the Moon shines.



Since I was a child I have always found comfort in moon light it has always had a calming effect on me, so now wether it be for creative work like illustrating, writing or just practicing mindfulness it still has that same effect on me.

I remember I used to count the lights in the neighbouring blocks and houses ..especially those long nights in my hospital bed, not being able to fall asleep,
I started counting the windows and I remember the soft light from the moon, it felt so calming.

Those were tough times, not gonna lie.. every day was different ..although the moon changes it was my only constant and counting windows that still had their lights on became my nightly ritual.

I always knew that there would come a day when I would find the inspiration and create something out of those memories ...and so our Luna pattern was born :)

And ever since I drew this pattern I envisioned exactly what kind of photos I wanted for it... I had everything planned in my head already, the environment, the makeup, the shoes, the helmet,... everything.
We just needed to find the perfect place and the time to finally photograph it.


At the beginning of the year we had so many plans, so so many collaborations that were planned if everything would have worked out as planned.. But of course life had other plans.
And suddenly we were left with the harsh reality of a small business with no small loan of a million dollars (oh man that would be awesome, buuut no..)

We are lucky that we have talented friends who come and help as much as they can ...One of our talented friends Tjaša who is a costume designer came to the rescue and created the perfect helmet :) and for that we are so very grateful.

We have learned through this journey that ..YES! We are able to do things by ourselves, even if it is the mcgyver way, but we are capable of great things.

And also, sometimes it really is ok to ask for help.

To infinity and beyond. <3





Model: Brina Srebre

Photography and art direction: Neja Kotnik

Make up: Neja Kotnik

Assistant: Lucija Srebre

Costume design and props: Tjaša Frumen