Clothing Care

Like most valuable things in life, plant-dyed clothes require love and care to maintain their beauty and increase their longevity. Please follow instructions bellow for most optimum care.


Before machine washing, we recommend at least one separate hand wash to remove the excess dye. This will also help to even out any slight tone variations due to the hand dyeing process.
Wash inside out. Machine wash cold at 30°C with similar colours.
Wash with a minimal amount of gentle natural soap or mild detergent.

Spot cleaning

When spot cleaning, avoid putting soap or detergent directly onto the stain or rubbing it in vigorously, as it may leave a lighter patch in the stained area. We recommend dissolving the soap in warm water and gently rub off the stain.
Avoid using bleaching agents because they will likely wash out the colour of the fabric too. Treat stains imediately.


Avoid tumble drying, hang dry instead.
Do not dry in the sunlight – always dry in the shade or indoors. Sunlight will rapidly fade some dyes.


WASH LESS! We recommend washing only when necessary. Excessive washing does not only use energy but also weakens the fabric. You are welcome to follow these guidelines for all of your clothing. It will preserve the quality of your garments and you will also lower your carbon footprint.