Do it with kindness.

The essence of The Kind Folk brand is to be kind at all levels of our operations. We see our mission in a sustainable way of making quality clothing. The process is well thought through, with a responsibility to the environment, society and customers. It is the complete opposite of the fast fashion industry, which is responsible for as much as 10% of annual greenhouse gas emissions.


Kind to the planet

We are aware of the dangers of the climate crisis, so we strive to keep our environmental impact to the minimum. This reflects both in our choice of materials and in the method of production. We are carefully educating ourselves on environmental issues and new sustainable ways of working. We want to pass this knowledge on to you in the form of building awareness.

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Kind to the people

We feel responsible to all the people involved in our collections, either in the manufacturing process or as consumers. We believe that the key to a better tomorrow lies in a good relationship with fellow human beings, but the most important one is the relationship we cultivate with ourselves. Therefore, positive affirmations and good thoughts are hidden in our products in various ways, encouraging us to establish a better relationship with ourselves and others.

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