The Kind Movement

Our mission is to create a movement of kindness. Consider it as an invitation to join a conversation about problems that the world is facing - as individuals and as a society. With this mission we want everybody to realise anyone CAN make a difference.

Changing the world is difficult and may seem impossible, but even the trying itself will change us forever. And by improving ourselves we will also change the world. Even if just for a bit.

How to join

You are invited to join the movement by practising kindness. Start with yourself. Be compassionate, forgive yourself for past mistakes, embrace the beauty of the present moment. Share love and kindness with others. Give them your full attention, hug your loved ones often. Take care of our home planet. Be gentle to the environment, waste less, plant a tree.

There are a hundred more aspects of kindness to be discovered. If you wish to know more, you are welcome to join our newsletter.